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Saturday, Jun 6th 2015

Advanced Vegetable Gardening
Are you ready to take your vegetable gardening to the next level?  Learn important concepts and skills to help you maximize production in your plot including the following: Practice garden bed preparation and planting. Explore effective methods for pest and weed management. Practice tool usage for safety and efficiency. Discover the importance of crop planning and how timing your plantings throughout the seasons can help ensure healthy harvests year around. Understand the nutrient needs of various crops for plant health and production. Learn how to utilize cover crops in the summer and fall. Observe various season extension techniques for maximizing the growing season.  

Tuesday, Jun 9th 2015

Gardening Made Easy-Adaptive Gardening
What We'll Cover: Learn strategies and techniques so you may continue to garden without injury. Gain insight on ways to keep gardening safely and maintaining a lifelong passion and a healthy activity. Examples of adaptive tools will be demonstrated                                                          Free! Lectures are open to the public โ€” no registration required      Instructors: Jerry Anderson & Mary Felix, Bridgett Shaw, Jeannine Rychlik, & Lynn Wagner

Saturday, Jun 13th 2015

Summer Fruit Tree Care
Fruit Tree Care - Summer Thinking of growing your own fruit trees at home? Already growing fruit trees you want to make sure are well cared for? This workshop will cover the most important things to do to support your fruit trees during the summer season here in the Willamette Valley.  You will learn the following skills: Pune fruit trees for greatest health, beauty, and productivity Employ proper thinning technique for a quality crop Properly mulch and remove competing plants from around fruit trees  

Thursday, Jun 25th 2015

Pacific Northwest Native Reflections on Lewis & Clark Discoveries
What We'll Cover: Most acclimated to our region Provide habitat Disease resistance Cleanse our water Hold valuable cultural significance Features of native garden                                                                    Free! Lectures are open to the public โ€” no registration required      Instructor: Mary French

Saturday, Jun 27th 2015

Growing Edibles in Your Home Landscape-Getting Started
What We'll Cover: Demonstrate ways to incorporate edibles into the landscape at the WCMGA Learning Garden Provide an overview of the process to plan to add edibles to the landscape Provide tips for garden design, plant selection, plant placement Share how to incorporate research based sustainable gardening practices Provide references for additional resources                                                               Free! Lectures are open to the public โ€” no registration required      Instructor: Sue Ryburn

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