Pest Management

Pest Management

OSU/PNW Disease Management Handbook: On-line version of OSU disease management recommendations.

OSU/PNW Insect Management Handbook: On-line version of OSU insect control recommendations. Refer to Home Garden and Home Landscape chapters.

OSU/PNW Weed Management Handbook: On-line version of OSU weed control recommendations. Refer to sections for homeowners.

OSU Integrated Plant Protection Center: Links to a wide variety of integrated pest management websites.

University of California IPM Online: Excellent research-based site with pest profiles and management recommendations for many pests.

Washington State Pest Management Resource Service: Another excellent pest management site very appropriate for Oregon Master Gardeners. Homeowner section is particularly useful.

WSU Plant Disease and Insect I.D. Pests Leaflet Series: Excellent pest management publications from Washington State University.

Pacific Northwest Nursery IPM: Up-to-date information on ornamental pests for commercial growers, also relevant to gardeners.

Hortsense: Washington State University home gardener fact sheets for managing plant problems with IPM.

Entomology Index of Internet Resources: Website at Iowa State University takes you all over the world of entomology.

National Pesticide Information Center: General pesticide information and specific pesticide factsheets.

Extension Toxicology Network: Individual pesticide profiles searchable by active ingredient

OSU Urban Entomology: Bulletins, fact sheets and images of insects that infest people and their property.

Univ. of California-Riverside urban entomology: More research-based information on insects of people and property.

Guide to Natural Enemies in North America: Cornell site that features information on predator insects, parasitoids, pathogens and weed eaters.

Spider information: Excellent Washington State University publication on spiders with good photos of the different types.

Hobo/Agressive House spider identification: Excellent monograph from Washington State University on correctly identifying the hobo spider.

Cranefly pests of the Pacific Northwest: Comprehensive cranefly information from a consortium of agencies including Washington State University.

Sudden Oak Death information: Latest publications on Sudden Oak Death from OSU Extension Service.

Organic Garden Weed Management: Comprehensive website from Cornell University on managing garden weeds without chemicals.

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