Landscape Plant Images, Identification and Information:
One of the best sites for landscape plant photos and information,
right here at OSU! Searchable by scientific or common name.

U.S. native plant database:
Searchable database leads to plant profiles of most U.S. native
plants. Links to other databases.

Northwest native plant database:
Washington State University database and information on identifying,
propagating and landscaping with northwest native plants.

Northwest native conifers key: Dichotomous key from Trees to Know
in Oregon, plus plant descriptions
and photos.

University of Connecticut plant database:
Searchable database that includes many ornamental plants.

GardenWeb searchable database:
Plant database searchable by common or scientific name.

Allan Armitage's annual and perennial trials site:
Photos and descriptions of annuals and perennials recently evaluated
by Dr. Armitage at University of Georgia-Athens.

Dr. Perry/U of Vermont plant hotos/descriptions:
Information and photos of a variety of herbaceous perennials.

Annual and perennial plant index:
Commercial site with lots of photos and
descriptions of herbaceous plants, including new introductions.

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