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Morrow County is a rural north-eastern Oregon county, bordered the Columbia River at its Northern end and timbered by the Umatilla National forest on the southern border with stretches of desert, hills, flat-lands and creeks lying between.  Though the area of the county is over 2,000 square miles, the population is only 11,190.  There are five main communities:  the cities of Boardman and Irrigon along the Columbia River and Ione, Lexington and Heppner farther south.  The two community centers are separated by approximately 40 miles of Navy Bombing Range and farm land. 

The major industries in Morrow County include timber, energy, food processing and a variety of agricultural crops including corn, potatoes, watermelons, grapes, wheat, canola, sheep, cattle and dairy products.

The Morrow County Extension Service is your link to Oregon State University.  We provide life long learning opportunities in the areas of youth development and agriculture.  Our county agents are Oregon State University faculty members who extend the University to the Morrow County community through meetings, workshops, 4-H Youth Programs, short courses, tours, newsletters and one-on-one consultations.  We also keep the University informed about research and informational needs of the community.

PO Box 397   •   54173 Hwy 74  Heppner, OR 97836

541.676.9642   •   1.800.342.3664

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