Contest Information & Exhibit Explanation Cards

Below are the different links for different project areas.  Click on you project link and you will find your "Exhibit Explanation" cards under "Exhibit and Contest Materials".  Projects with contests (i.e.: presentations & family and consumer sciences) have information & schedules documents as well.

If you have any questions, or aren't sure which exhibit card you need for your entries, please call our office for more information: (541)676-9642.

***Remember, these are required for your fair entries, so fill them out now and be ready for judging at the fair!!!***

All Contest Materials Can Be Found HERE

Popular Categories:

Art, Cake Decorating, Cast Ceramics, Fiber Arts, Leathercraft, Performing Arts, Photography

Crocheting, Foods and Nutrition, Food Preservation, Home Environment, Knitting, Sewing/Clothing, Child Development

Entomology, Environmental Stewardship, Forestry, Geology, Marine Science, Of People and Fish, Water Resources

Aerospace, Bicycle, Computer, Electricity, Energy, GPS/GIS, Robotics, Science Inquiry, Tractor, Wind Energy, Woodworking

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