Record Keeping

4-H Members did a FANTASTIC job on Record books in 2013!  Keep up the great record keeping skills in 2014!

Completed 4-H Record Books are required in order to participate in the Morrow County Fair the following year!  Don't delay!  Call the office if you need help: 541-676-9642. 

Your record books need: (can be found below or at the 4-H office)


  1. Morrow County 4-H Medal Information Page  & County Medal Application Forms  Due to the 4-H office on October 15th!  Members in grades 7-12 are eligible for county medals. 
  2. NEW Permanent Record/My 4-H Resume This is the new replacement for the old Permanent Record.  If you are new 4-H member please use this version.  Older members who have already have multiple years in the old version do not have to switch to this new version at this time.
  3. Project Records (animal science, photography, etc.) Check out the State 4-H Project Records Website for complete & up to date records.
  4. Project Supplements (advancement guides, etc.)  Again, check out the State 4-H Project Records Website for complete & up to date advancement guides.
  5. Morrow County Tips and Evaluation


To help you be successful, here are few ideas to help get your record book done:

  • Start now! The earlier the better!
  • Check out this awesome online presentation to help you walk through your 4-H record book, made by OSU 4-H Youth Extension Agent Michelle Carillo of Curry County.
  • Call our office, (541) 676-9642, for help or questions.  We are happy to answer your questions and help you navigate your record book.  We can also set up a drop in help session to go over your record book with you, or to look through it before you hand it in for any last minute pointers or corrections.
  • Here are Guidelines for an up-to-date record book. 
  • Use this Record Book Calendar to help keep you on track!


To begin your record book, everyone needs to complete:
  1. Permanent Record  Draft of My 4-H Resume
  2. My 4-H Notes
  3. Project records must also be completed for each project a member does. See the below word documents for a list of what you will need for your specifc project: (if you would like the records in PDF, please click on the links below or call the 4-H office)
  4. Advancement Guides are optional and are a great supplement for your record book. See more info and links below. 
For Market Animals (includes beef, sheep, & swine)
Market Animal Record for Intermediates & Seniors 

Breeding Projects
Daily Feed Record (project supplement)
Sow Production Record (project supplement)
Beef Cow Production (project supplement)
Ewe Production Record (project supplement)

Horse Project

Clothing Project

For Foods Project

Photography Project

Expressive Arts Projects

Advancement Guides are not required, but are a great 4-H project resource. Choose your project advancement guide below to include in your record book to work on throughout your project year! (They are a project supplement.)
Dairy - Goat/Cow
Meat Animal - Beef, Sheep, Swine

Still can't find what you are looking for? Try clicking Oregon 4-H projects or OSU 4-H Publications to find more projects online!

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