Getting Help from a Master Woodland Manager

You can arrange for a MWM to:
  • Visit your property and identify opportunities
  • for tree planting, thinning, controlling animal damage and a variety of other forest management practices.

  • Demonstrate simple forestry practices
  • such as tree planting and tree diameter measurement.

  • Identify important considerations that will protect your property
  • from fire, insects and disease.

  • Suggest sources
  • for tree seedlings, forestry equipment, aerial photos and other equipment.

  • Help you locate sources of assistance
  • such as consulting foresters, loggers, tree planters and other professionals.

  • Refer you to financial help
  • available through cost share programs, reforestation tax credits and loans.

  • Inform you about upcoming woodland tours and meetings.

To schedule a visit with a MWM call your local county office of the OSU Extension Service.

All Master Woodland Managers provide their time and transportation costs without charge. Be sure you thank them for their time and service.

Pass any comments about the program (positive or negative) to your local county Extension office. This will help improve future training efforts.

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