Redwoods in Lincoln County: A Viable Option?

Jim Reeb, OSU Extension Service, Lincoln, Clatsop and Tillamook Counties

Most of Oregon’s coast redwoods are found in the very southwest part of the state and close to the Pacific Ocean.  But, forest industries in Lincoln County are planting coast redwoods to see if they might be an alternative tree to Douglas-fir along the central Oregon Coast.  Along the central and north coast Douglas-fir trees are very susceptible to a fungus known as Swiss needle cast whereas coast redwoods are not affected by this needle disease.  

Family forestland owners are also curious about the prospect of growing coast redwoods on their properties.  One of our Lincoln County landowners planted 1600+ coast redwood seedlings on about 4.5 acres in the spring of 2012.  In August MWM volunteer Hugh Cochrane and OSU Extension forester Jim Reeb set up 18 fixed 1/100th acre sample plots to record qualitative information on the survival and health of the seedlings – after evaluating their health and survival, Hugh and Jim plan to start collecting quantitative information – seedling height, diameter and general health.  

We plan to sample these plots biennially and make this information available to family forest landowners to help them decide if coast redwoods might be a good alternative species on their Lincoln County properties.