Call for Volunteers: Cycle Oregon 2011

By: Nicole Strong, MWM Coordinator, OSU Extension Service

Every year about 4,000 cyclists participate in two organized Cycle Oregon events. In the past, they take to the roads and pass through Oregon’s rural communities, ride by your woodlands, homes, businesses, and farms, with very little knowledge about local economies, history, trees, or forests.

You might see a hassle in having all of “those bikes” on the road disrupting your normal routine, but I see a great opportunity to make meaningful urban-rural connections. All of “those cyclists” live somewhere, probably in a city, so wouldn’t you rather they go back with good information about Oregon family forests and communities?

This can’t happen without your MWM Frank Pender answers Cyclist questions and showcases his wood products. Photo by Nicole Stronghelp. There are two events in which I am asking you, Master Woodland Managers, to volunteer to spend from half a day to a day, hanging out at the rest areas, or an evening at the staging areas, helping answer any questions cyclists might have. Last year, our first for this event, Frank Pender brought a display of some of the products he makes out of wood. Hal and Elin Hagglund brought tree cookies and photos of their tree farm. Another idea would be to bring tree swags and help people learn how to identify local trees or plants they may be seeing along their ride. To complement these hands-on interactions, I am writing descriptions about local forests that will go in each cyclist’s packet.

Please let me know if you are interested in helping at either of these events. We really need excited and outgoing volunteers to make this a success! You can email or call 541-829-1270.

You can find out more about Cycle Oregon at

Weekend Event: July 15-17, Cycle-Centennial Tour – out of Salem
Ride Description: Pedal like a pioneer! Join us as we re-write history and re-ride the route of Oregon’s fictional cycling forebears. Experience two days of riding through the historic past and the scenic present – Day 1 east to Silverton, The Oregon Garden and Silver Falls; Day 2 up the Willamette Valley to Champoeg State Park.

Weeklong Event: September 10 – 17, Sutherlin – Cottage Grove – Reedsport – Bandon – Powers – Riddle – Sutherlin
Ride Description: A stunning ride that encompasses fertile valleys, deep forests, rugged coastline add rolling wine country, 90 percent of the 2011 route travels on roads Cycle Oregon has never pedaled.