Illustrated Manual of Forest Protection Laws Revised - Available Now

Those working in Oregon timberlands can gain a better understanding of the Oregon Forest Practices Act and how to comply with its
provisions by obtaining a copy of a recently updated 185-page manual from the Oregon Forest Resources Institute.

Straightforward explanations, clear diagrams and vivid photographs make this a standard reference for those planning road building, harvest operations or reforestation. The second edition introduces a new chapter on fire and chemicals, while expanding information on stewardship agreements, voluntary programs and fi nancial assistance. The manual refl ects changes in forest law over the past

“This has been a go-to resource that lives in the pickup cabs of many forest landowners and forestry professionals,” said Paul Barnum, OFRI executive director. “People like it because it makes the legislative language and administrative rules easy to understand and clear to the average person. This new edition does an even better job of giving the forest landowner an accessible guide to our forest protection rules.”

The revised second edition of Oregon Forest Protection Laws may be downloaded for free or ordered from OFRI’s website, Look under the “Facts & Resources” pull-down menu, select publications and scroll down the alphabetized list.