2011 MWM Excellence Awards, Part 2

By: Nicole Strong, MWM Coordinator, OSU Extension Service

One of my favorite parts of being MWM Coordinator is getting to hear about all the neat ways in which MWM volunteers use their expertise in their communities. We have so many wonderful stories and recipients of awards this year that we cannot share them all in one Gazette! We will be sharing a few stories every edition. If you get a chance, please congratulate your local award recipients.

Lincoln County
From OSU Extension Forester Jim Reeb

Joe and Jan Steenkolk
Joe was one of the first OSU Extension clients I was introduced to when starting my job in Lincoln County 3 years ago. At the time, Jan was off hiking in the Rocky Mountains with some girlfriends. Joe and Jan must not have read the fine print about donating back 80 hours of time after becoming MWMs. They have been MWMs for well over 20 years and continue to give back to OSU Extension and to other Lincoln County landowners through their time with OSWA and ATFS. In just my 3 years I’ve watched the Steenkolks
spend countless hours volunteering to serve Lincoln County landowners through events such as the Small Woodlands Association tree seedling sale, the Small Woodlands Association annual meeting, and the Lincoln County Tree Farmer of the Year nomination committee and tour. Joe and Jan hosted the OSU Extension Forestry Team during our 2009 annual meeting in Newport. They have invited the Lincoln County Mycological Society, and the public, to hunt for truffles on their property and are excited to do this.
When visiting a new tree farm owner I often ask Joe to come along. They have years and years of experience and enjoy sharing their knowledge so others can benefit. I know my relationship with the Steenkolks has greatly benefited me and it has greatly benefited other landowners in Lincoln County.

Clackamas County
From OSU Extension Forester Mike Bondi

Walt Garvin
Walt is a 2007 graduate of the Clackamas County class of Master Woodland Managers. Over the years he has been a faithful volunteer and supporter of forestry education programs in the community. Walt has always had a special interest in sharing the story about the many products and uses we find for everyday living from our forests—with a particular interest in native American and pioneer time periods. He was a regular volunteer at the End of the Oregon Trail Museum and their natural history education programs for the public and has fashioned his own miniature log cabin and artifacts as his teaching tool. Also, Walt has offered many similar programs for youth and the public at the Hopkins Demonstration Forest. Walt has been a key supporter and volunteer working on the construction of the new classroom and fire tower at Hopkins during the past year. Walt helped raise the first wall, has been on the concrete pouring crews, and has spent many hours “holding the other end of the board,”—to name just a few examples. Thanks, Walt, for all of your dedicated support!

Columbia/Washington Counties
From OSU Extension Forester Amy Grotta

Columbia County: Paul Nys
This year when the Starker Lecture Series came to Columbia County for their Capstone Tour of wood export facilities, I thought it would be a great educational opportunity for small woodland owners in our local area. I had to be out of town, so I asked Paul if he would be able to organize a local group to meet up with the tour group coming from Corvallis. Little did Paul or I know how much behind the scenes effort this would take, mainly due to Weyerhaeuser’s requirements for visitors. Nevertheless Paul was up to the task and because of his effort, 15 local woodland owners took part in the Starker tour of export facilities along the Columbia River and got to know other tour attendees from Corvallis.

Washington County: Dallas and Sharon Boge
Dallas is a leader in OSWA, having served four years as president of the Washington County chapter and now serving at the state level as the OSWA treasurer. Dallas and Sharon always volunteer their time and their property to host field tours as part of our Extension shortcourses. Twice in the last two years, I have brought groups out to their place and class participants consistently say that the field trip and Dallas and Sharon’s sharing of their experience was the best part of the class. They have also been involved in mentoring other landowners in the management plan writing process.

Baker County
From OSU Extension Forester Bob Parker

Eileen Gyllenberg
Eileen is very active in our local chapter of OSWA, the Baker County Private Woodlands Association, providing leadership and energy at every level, such as acting as a chapter offi cer and independently recognizing a new marketing opportunity for woodland owners and formulating a business model to capture the opportunity which we are now analyzing closely. She also works closely with the Extension offi ce to help plan, organize and conduct programs such as Tree School and other workshops
and classes. Eileen and her husband manage several hundred acres of woodlands and pasture (which supports their herd of around 50 buffalo) and uses her MWM skills to do an outstanding job.

Lyle Defrees
Lyle for many years has been one of the key leaders in the Baker County small woodlands organization and can be consistently relied upon to provide vision, wise counsel and tremendous leadership. Lyle is a strong supporter of the Extension Forestry program and is one of the individuals who campaigned to bring a forestry position back to Baker County Extension. His help with Baker County Private Woodlands Association and Extension events such as the 2011 OSWA Annual Meeting, Tree School, monthly small woodland meetings, woodland tours and workshops is invaluable. As an example, in addition to being one of the key players with planning and organizing the OSWA Annual Meeting, Lyle and his neighbor Dan Warnock provided the outstanding tri-tip BBQ beef for the dinner out of their own pockets – and at around 160 people, that was no small effort! The Defrees family tree farm is superbly managed and has been featured in Extension and ODF forestry education videos.

Union/Wallowa/Umatilla Counties
From OSU Extension Forester Paul Oester

Marge and Gene Bieraugel
Marge and Gene have been outstanding MWM’s who have helped me teach several basic forestry shortcourses and provided assistance to other woodland owners in their area of Wallowa County. They are active in teaching their grandchildren the benefi ts of woodland ownership and annually work with these children to implement monitoring and management principles to specifi c areas on their property so the kids can come back each year and see the changes. The Bieraugel’s also hosted a tour
of their property that was an excellent example of sustainable management on a diverse forest property. They did a great job of communicating many key management principles to their peers. Gene and Marge are important supporters of the OSU Extension Forestry and Natural Resource program in northeast Oregon and have been an excellent source of forestry knowledge for a signifi cant part of Wallowa County and beyond.

Butch Tansey
Butch Tansey has also been an outstanding MWM who has tirelessly using his training to help woodland owners and loggers learn more about sustainable forest management. He has taught at several basic forestry shortcourses in Wallowa and Union Counties, featuring his in depth knowledge of marketing. He’s also helped deliver marketing and forest management information during several tree farm tours and workshops. His knowledge of insects and disease management has been particularly important
in teaching woodland owners he works with how to implement practical forest health practices on their land. Butch is always quick to respond to my need for marketing and other relevant information at the local level and is an invaluable resource for the OSU Extension Forestry and Natural Resource program in northeast Oregon.