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Upcoming Event: Pine Dieback (Diplodia) Tour

When: Thursday, May 9th 10:00 AM to 12 NOON. Leaving La Grande around 7:30 am

Location: We’ll meet at the Wildcat Bridge, just upstream from Troy, OR and proceed downriver to several locations, ending in Troy

What we will see and discuss: We have noticed an increased amount of branch dieback in our ponderosa pines along the Grande Ronde and Wallowa Valley fringes, including an especially hard hit area along the Grande Ronde River near Troy.  Symptoms are a few to numerous branches that have died throughout the tree crown.  What is going on?  Some of this damage is related to gall rust, but much of it is apparently due to a pine shoot blight disease, Diplodia.

This tour is open to anyone interested in learning more about this disease (as well other diseases/insects as we find them) and its impact on tree growth and mortality.  We will have several forest disease and insect specialists on the tour to discuss identification, how the disease spreads, its impact on tree health and susceptibility to other damaging agents such as bark beetles.  We’ll also discuss possible management solutions.

Specialists on hand for the tour include, Brent Oblinger, forest pathologist, USDA Forest Service, Bend, OR; Dave Shaw, OSU Forest Health Specialist, Corvallis, OR; Rob Flowers, ODF Forest Entomologist, Salem, OR; Craig Schmidt, forest pathologist, USDA Forest Service, LaGrande, OR; and Lia Spiegel, forest entomologist, USDA Forest Service, LaGrande, OR.

To register: please contact the OSU Extension Service Union County Office to register for the tour at 541-963-1010.

For those travelling from LaGrande, we will be carpooling and leaving the Ag Service Center, 10507 N. McAlister Rd (across from Bronson Lumber in Island City) at 7:30 AM on May 9th.

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