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  Summer 2013 

  346 KB pdf
  • Citizen Fire Academy: Building Outreach Capacity through Education and Service
  • Balsam Wooly Adelgid: A Tiny Bug with a Big Name and a Big Bang
  • Scanning the Horizons for a Logger
  • Upcoming Events (link to OSU Extension Forestry Calendar)
  • There's an App for that: Soilweb

Winter/Spring 2013 -           

524 KB pdf

  • Citizen Science: Become a Weather Watcher
  • Flagging in our Pines: Who, What, Where, Why?
  • Documenting Giants* original Powered by Orange article
  •  Redwoods in Lincoln County: A Viable Option?
  • Upcoming Events (link to Know your Forest Event Calendar)
Fall 2012 -           836 KB pdf
  • Welcome new MWM Volunteers!
  • Pine Butterfly Update
  • Citizen Science

  • Upcoming Events
  • MWM Volunteer Reporting
  • Urban Tree Ordinances

Summer 2012 - 1.9MB pdf
  • Gazelle Beetles are the Latest European Import to Oregon: A worrisome, adaptable, fast moving insect
  • Pest Scene Investigator Tour Series
  • Log Prices and Trends
  • What is the Northwest Advances Renewables Alliance (NARA)?
  • American Forest Foundation Launches Interactive Website
  • Links of Interest
Spring 2012 - 1MB pdf
  • Douglas-fir Tussock Moth Defoliation Increases in the Blue Mountains
  • Mystery on the Main Floor: Oregon White Oak & The Main Floor of Timberline Lodge
  • Sources of Current Insect and Disease Aerial Survey Information
  • Cycle Oregon: Outreach Volunteers Needed
  • Report Those Volunteer Hours
  • Links of Interest
Winter 2012 - 2MB pdf
  • Persistence of Introduced Parasitoid Wasps on Larch Casebearer (Coleophora laricella) in the Blue Mountains of Oregon
  • A Management Acre, One Acre at a Time
  • Free Forestry Publication Available Online
  • 2011 MWM Excellence Awards, Part 2
  • 2012 Starker Lecture Series
  • Links of Interest
Fall 2011 - 1MB pdf
  • Pine Butterfly Update
  • Support the MWM Program & the MWM Walker Family Fund
  • 2011 MWM Excellence Awards, Part 1
  • Taking a Seedling Survival Survey
  • Committee for Family Forestlands Update
  • Illustrated Manual of Forest Protection Laws Revised - Available Now
  • Time to Report Your Volunteer Hours
  • Links of Interest
Summer 2011 - 1MB pdf
  • Green Alder Sawfly: A New Invasive Coming to Your Forest
  • Call For Volunteers: Cycle Oregon 2011
  • Master Woodland Manager Mini-College 2011
  • New Online Volunteer Hour Reporting System
  • High Numbers of Barred Owls Likely in PNW Forests
  • Links of Interest

Spring 2011 - 1MB pdf

  • Bark Beetles and Willamette Valley Ponderosa Pine: Populations, Geographical Distribution and Management Recommendations
  • Linn County Goods From the Local Woods a Huge Success
  • MWM in Action: Sam Hagglund in Zambia
  • Managing Your Land With Minimal Impact to Birds
  • Upcoming Events
  • 2010 Timber Tax Tips Available Now
  • Links of Interest

Winter 2010 (2.7 MB pdf)

  • Forest Health Matters: Pine Butterfly - A sleeping defoliator raises its head!
  • Road Maintenance and Repair
  • MWM Gear Available
  • Reflecting on Six Years with the Master Woodland Manager Program
  • Time to Report 2010 Volunteer Hours
  • Links of Interest

   Fall 2010 - 1MB pdf

  • Forest Health Matters:Thousand Cankers Disease
  • OWC Grant Promotes Income Diversity for Small Woodland Owners
  • Working with Educators... an important MWM Role
  • Ties to the Land Workshops
  • Got Feral Swine? Get a Plan
  • Upcoming Events
  • Looking for Tips from Treeman?
Summer 2010
  • MWM's Named to Oregon Department of Forestry Advisory Committee
  • Tips from the Treeman
  • American Tree Farm has New Standards, and Needs Help
  • Forest Health: Pine Engraver Beetle in S. Oregon
  • Volunteer Opportunity: Cycle Oregon, Farms and Forest Tours
  • MWM's in Action
  • Upcoming Events
Spring 2010
  • Forest Health Resource: Swiss Needle Cast
  • MWM Gary Springer joins Oregon Board of Forestry
  • Tips from the Treeman
  • Upcoming Events
  • Oregon Grape Research
Fall 2009
  • Forest Health Resource: Sudden Oak Death
  • Tips from the Treeman
  • Social Marketing: What's the Buzz?
  • MWM Excellence Awards
  • Upcoming Events
Summer 2009
  • Forest Health Resource: Larch Casebearer
  • Community Toolsheds
  • Tips from the Treeman
  • Benton County Nature Tour
  • Tough Times in the Woods
  • Welcome Tristan Huff and Amy Grotta!
  • Pokeweed: A New Northwest Invasive
  • Master Woodland Managers in Action
Winter 2009
  • Forest Health Resource: Mountain Pine Beetle
  • Tips from the Treeman
  • MWM Mini College August 27-29
  • OSU Terra: A World of Research and Creativity
  • Oregon Field Guide: Mountain Pine Beetle
  • Family Forest Vital to all Oregonian's Descendants
  • Turtles in Oregon: Native and Invasive
  • Creating Turtle Friendly Ponds

Fall 2008

  • MWM Field Visits 101
  • Tips from the Treeman
  • Upcoming MWM Mini College
  • Money Available to Eradicate Weeds
  • Volunteer Hours
  • Book Review: Best Science and Nature Writing 2007
  • Working and Building Partnerships with Youth
  • Oregon Woodland Cooperatives: Charting New
    Opportunities for Family Forest Owners
Summer 2008
  • Adopt a Snag
  • Tips from the Treeman
  • Upcoming Events
  • Money to Eradicate Weeds
  • Preserving Working Forests
  • Learn more about Ecosystems Services
  • The Willamette Partnership: Creating a Marketplace for Temperature Credits
  • OSWA develops "Carbon Aggregator" for Family Woodland Owners
Winter 2008
  • Picking Up the Pieces: Recovering from Forest Damage on the North Oregon Coast
  • Tips from the Treeman
  • New MWM Group
  • Have you Done your Taxes?
  • Nature Deficit Disorder
  • Are you Ready to Become a Pest Scene Investigator?
  • OSU Launches Oregon Wildlife Explorer Portal
  • MWM's in Action
  • New Publications
  • Tree School is Coming Soon to a Town Near You
Fall 2007  
  • Keizer Rapids Regional Community Park
  • Tips from the Treeman
  • MWM's in the News
  • In Memory of
  • The Forest Seedling Network
  • MWM Mini-College
  • The Woodland Fish and Wildlife Group
  • New OSU Publications
Spring 2007
  • Managing Tree Blow Down
  • Tips from the Treeman
  • MWM Mini-College Updates
  • Private Forestland 2006 Tax News
  • Tax Resources
  • Upcoming Events
Winter 2007
  • To Monitor or Not to Monitor?
  • Tips from the Treeman
  • Holiday Book Review
  • Speaking of Monitoring
  • The Key to Monitoring is Having a System
  • Forest Monitoring: One Family's Experience
  • Marketing Update
  • Upcoming Events
Fall 2006
  • Mushroom Season is Here!
  • Tips from the Treeman
  • OSU College of Forestry
    Centennial Open House
  • Is EQIP for You?
  • A Little Extra Money...For Someone
  • Who Will Own the
    Forest? Conference Overview
  • Struggling With Succession
    New Workbook and DVD
  • A Non-Timber Issue

Summer 2006

  • Can OSU Salvage Reputation over Controversy?
  • Tips from the Treeman
  • Certification Thoughts
  • Woodland Owner Fire School
  • Salvage Logging Resources
Spring 2006
  • In Memoriam: Charles Ross
  • Words and Wood
  • Friend of the Clearcut
  • Forest Certification and the Family Forest
  • Book Review: "Managing Woodland Roads"
  • Tips from the Treeman
Winter 2005
  • Community-Connected Forestry
  • The Tree Day Tradition
  • Turn the Tables: Hook People with Fish!
  • Book Review: "The Misunderstood Forest"
  • From Forest to Finished Floor
  • Tips from the Treeman
Fall 2005
  • New Graduates
  • Fall Mini-College Review
  • GPS Resources
  • Botany Resources
  • Niche Markets
  • Why a woman owning woodlands network?
  • Tips from the Treeman
Summer 2005
  • A Book Review on Children's Literature
  • Van Decker's Study on Tree Growth Volumes
  • Youth Education
  • A Mini-College Update
  • Tips from the Treeman
Spring 2005
  • Coastal Redwood
  • Logging with Synthetic Rope
  • Economic Forecasting
  • Pile Burning Best Management Practices
  • Tips from the Treeman
Winter 2004
  • Changes in Oregon's Forestland Tax Program
  • the Oregon Forest Industry Directory
  • Salmon Tours
  • Log Prices
  • a review of Positive Impact Forestry by Thom McEvoy
  • Tips from the Treeman

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