Welcome new MWM Volunteers!

by Tristan Huff, OSU Extension Forestery for Coos and Curry Counties

MWM Graduation Class 2012

Despite the general busyness of Summer, seven experienced forestland owners participated in the Master Woodland Manager training this past spring/summer.  While there was a training here several years ago under retired extension agent Ralph Duddles, this was my first training session as an agent.

Through nine class room and field sessions, participants learned about all aspects of forestry from reforestation and disease to logging and taxes. Beyond simply learning about the science and management of their own woods, MWMs learned how to take their new knowledge and help fellow landowners.  Furthermore, this exceptional class will also be able to draw upon their already significant life experience as (for example) a tax accountant, a college educated forester and a web publisher.   

This year’s new class  has proposed several potential projects including a youth forestry club, a class on computer forestry applications and several research projects and several new MWMs are already off to a great star by leading two field tours in conjunction with the Coos/Curry chapter of the Oregon Small Woodlands Association.  

I’m excited to work more with this exceptional group!

Image: Master Woodland Manager Class of 2012 from left to right: Tristan Huff - OSU Extension Forester, Dave Tucker, Dustin Clarke, Mitchell Clarke, Clide Grover, Jayson Wartnik, Jim Sweeney, Marie Gale, and Nicole Strong - OSU Extension Forestry + MWM Coordinator.

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