About NEP - Curricula Used (2016)

Adult Curricula (series)

Youth Curricula (series)

1st grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade
7th Grade, 8th Grade
High School
Mixed Age Groups

Food Safety

Chicken Cooking & Storage (Spanish)

Food Safety – Shopping Tips 1 (Spanish)

Food Safety – Shopping Tips 2 (Spanish)

Safe Grilling Tips (Spanish)

Storing Food Safely 1 (Spanish)

Storing Food Safely 2 (Spanish)

Thawing and Oven Roasting Turkey (Spanish)

Kitchen Safety with Kids

Kitchen Safety TIps

Kitchen Safety Activity

Play it Safe Bingo (Spanish)

Smart Shopping

Compare Brands to Save Money

Check Convenience Foods for Cost

Use Coupons to Save Money

Read Food Labels to Choose Healthy Foods

Use Grocery Ads to Save Money

Keep Foods Safe While Shopping

Choose Food With Less Packaging to Save Money

Use a Shopping List to Save Money

Beans – Dry, Canned, or Fresh

Water Taste Test

Instant Non-fat Dry Milk Recipes

Bean Recipes

Cooking Dried Beans

Eat More Fruits & Vegetables

Berries – Display

Berry Scramble

Fruit and Veggie Serving Sizes

Power Up Potato – Display

Potato Power – Recipes

Power Up Potatoes – Recipes

Veggie Recipes

Fall Fruit and Veggies

Herbs and Spices for Vegetables

Microwave Tasty Fruit and Veggies

Shopping for Fruit

Farmers Market – Vegetables

Raisin Recipes

Fruit Cryptogram

Fruit Facts

Fruit – Get them by the dozen

Fruit Ripening

Container Gardening

Make a Mobile

Plan to Eat More Fruit

Turnip Recipes

Veggie Puzzle and Key

Veggie Scramble

Veggie Icebreaker Pictures

Coloring Fruit – apple (sp), blueberry (sp), cherry (sp), raspberry (sp), strawberry (sp), watermelon (sp)

Coloring Veggies – carrot (sp), corn (sp), peppers (sp), potato (sp), squash (sp), zucchini (sp)

Low Fat Cooking

Applesauce Substitutions for Fat (Spanish)

Cooking with Herbs and Spices (Spanish)

Nutritious Food Ideas For Your Children

Encourage Good Eating (Spanish)

Food Allergies (Spanish)

Food Choking Dangers (Spanish)

Kid Approved Packed Lunches (Spanish)

Kids in the Kitchen (Spanish)

Make Mealtimes Good times (Spanish)

Packed Lunches Display (Spanish)

Snacks (Spanish)

Finger Foods for Your Trip (Spanish)

Quick Easy Packed Lunches (Spanish)

Sandwiches to Go (Spanish)

Ways to Encourage Children (Spanish)

Germ Critters

Kitchen Safety Activity

Kitchen Safety Tips

Things You Eat, Things You Don’t

Word Search and Key

Healthy Halloween (Spanish)

Meal Planning for Good Health

Canned Beef Stew Tips

Canned Meats Tips

Canned Salmon Tips

Freezing Cooked Foods (Spanish)

Hearty Soups (Spanish)

Meals Made Easy 1 (Spanish)

Meals Made Easy 2 (Spanish)

Meals – Prevent Boring Meals (Spanish)

Peanut Butter Tips (Spanish)

Tuna Tips

Cookbook – ABC’s of Cooking (Spanish)

Canned Salmon

Chicken Broth (Spanish)


Cooking with 5 or Less (Spanish)

Good Foods For You (Spanish)

Marinade (Spanish)

Master Mixes – Booklet (Spanish)

Using Herbs and Spice (Spanish)

Peanut Butter

Soup – Simple (Spanish)



Read Any Good Labels Lately? (Spanish)

Healthy Snacks

Display (Spanish)

Choose a Healthy Snack (Spanish)

Fun & Easy Healthy Snacks (Spanish)

Healthy Snacks (Spanish)

Calcium Rich Foods

Calcium Rich Foods (Spanish)

Display (Spanish)

Lactose Intolerance Handout (Spanish)

Recipes to Grow On (Spanish)

Dairy Foods Guess

Moo Jeopardy

Milk Taste Test (Spanish)

Breakfast is Important

Display (Spanish)

Teachers Guide

No Time for Breakfast (Spanish)

Jump Start Morning Breakfast (Spanish)

Get off to a Good Start KEY (Spanish) KEY Spanish

What’s in Your Cereal? (Spanish)

Whole Grains

Getting More Grains (Spanish)

Great Grains are Wholesome (Spanish)

Oat Info

Kernel of Wheat (Spanish) – Wheat Foods Council

Oat Recipes

The Color of Bread (Spanish)

Heart Healthy Eating Tips

Being Active (Spanish)

Keep Track of you Moves (Spanish)

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