March 2003

March 28th

In a growing number of places throughout Oregon, watershed councils provide a forum for neighbors to plan a shared future for a shared place defined by the water that runs past their homes.
Seven outstanding Oregon 4-H members have won scholarships awarded by the Oregon State University Extension 4-H Youth Development Program.
Experts agree that it’s just a matter of time until West Nile Virus arrives in Oregon. Since the virus is transmitted by mosquitoes to birds, animals and humans, it will be a public health concern.

March 21st

The four-month program taught by OSU faculty and local experts focuses on eight different aspects of watershed stewardship, from soil erosion and water quality monitoring to building community awareness and cooperation. Participants who complete a 40-hour community project in addition to the education program become Master Watershed Stewards.

March 17th

OSU Extension nutrition education programs that help families stretch their limited resources save money for Oregon in the long run. A cost-benefit analysis by OSU researchers determined that for every $1 invested to improve adult nutrition behaviors, one can expect a savings of $3.63 in future health care costs.

March 7th

Oregon may have a very active fire season again this coming summer. Homes in either rural or remote forested settings are at high risk. Would your home and property survive should a wildfire occur in your area? Stephen Fitzgerald, forester with the Oregon State University Extension Service in central Oregon warns that even if you have fire protection, it is prudent to reduce fuels and other hazards around your home and property before summer. Offered are a few simple steps to protect your home and property from wildfire.