April 2003

April 24th

Oregon State University (OSU) and Washington State University (WSU) are cosponsoring an international conference, titled “Biotechnology: Science and Society at a Crossroad,” on June 1 - 3 at the Westin Hotel in Seattle. The conference, nicknamed NABC 15, is the 15th annual conference of the National Agricultural Biotechnology Council (NABC). Leading scientists and policy experts from around the world will discuss and debate biotechnology and it’s many nuances, including addressing the question:. Is biotechnology a tool with unprecedented potential for humanitarian and environmental benefit, or an unproven technology with the potential for unforeseen catastrophe?
The public is invited to make a meal of mealworms, shake hands with a walking stick, and cheer for the maggot races during Natural History Discovery Days. April 29-30.

April 20th

Oregon State University Extension Service is offering a home study course on beef production and management. “Beef Basics” was developed by researchers at the University of Nebraska for cattle ranchers to review their current production practices or for anyone who wants to learn more about raising beef animals. It includes four 12-week sections

April 16th

The OSU Extension Service may be facing a 40 percent smaller workforce by 2005.The main reasons for proposed downsizing are an anticipated reduction in state funding because state revenues are down sharply, and increased mandated operating costs. The governor's proposed budget minus 10 percent may be roughly Extension's state funding level for the 2003-05 biennium, which starts July 1.

April 2nd

Oregon State University will hold its 27th annual Gerontology Conference, "Creating New Insights into Aging," April 29-30 at the CH2M-HILL Alumni Center on the OSU campus.