May 2003

May 29th

Emily Keerins of Canyon City has been awarded the $1,000 Babe Coe Memorial Scholarship in recognition of her achievements in 4-H.
The Oregon State University College of Agricultural Sciences recently recognized several top students for their scholarship and service during the 2002-03 academic year.

May 27th

Meatless jerky. Heart-healthy vegetable dip. Maybe you've daydreamed about putting your grandmother's barbecue sauce on grocery store shelves.

May 26th

The Oregon Fryer Commission's sixth annual Youth Pen of Fryers Contest will be held on Saturday, June 28, at the Polk County Fairgrounds in Rickreall. Oregon youth under 20 years of age as of June 28 are eligible to participate in this statewide contest.

May 22nd

The morning session includes updates on the release of ORC 101 herbicide-resistant wheat, the wheat quality program, septoria management, effects of wheel tracking and cereal leaf beetle controls. The afternoon program will feature updates on insect pests, slugs and a variety of weeds and their control.
ORCF-101, OSU’s new soft white winter wheat variety, contains a gene for herbicide resistance patented by the BASF Corporation, an international chemical company, as part of its CLEARFIELD production system. The gene makes the wheat resistant to the BASF herbicide “Beyond.” Yet, unlike some other herbicide resistant crops, ORCF-101 was developed using traditional plant breeding methods and not by genetic engineering.

May 15th

Making a decision about a nursing home is seldom easy. Yet, thousands of families face this decision each year. OSU Extension Service has just published a booklet to help families through this important transition.
A 4-page, color publication from Oregon State University Extension Service can help you control poison oak and poison ivy on your property.

May 14th

Western junipers in central and eastern Oregon show increasing signs of freeze damage and die-back this spring, according to OSU scientists. They hypothesize that the juniper damage and dieback are from freeze damage from a severe cold snap last fall.

May 11th

Michael J. Burke, Oregon State University professor was awarded the American Distance Education Consortium’s (ADEC) highest award for service, the Irving Award, last week at ADEC’s annual meeting in San Antonio, Texas.