May 2003

May 23rd

ORCF-101, OSU’s new soft white winter wheat variety, contains a gene for herbicide resistance patented by the BASF Corporation, an international chemical company, as part of its CLEARFIELD production system. The gene makes the wheat resistant to the BASF herbicide “Beyond.” Yet, unlike some other herbicide resistant crops, ORCF-101 was developed using traditional plant breeding methods and not by genetic engineering.

May 12th

Michael J. Burke, Oregon State University professor was awarded the American Distance Education Consortium’s (ADEC) highest award for service, the Irving Award, last week at ADEC’s annual meeting in San Antonio, Texas.
Mark Daeschel, food science researcher at OSU found that raisins are a great substitute for sodium nitrite, a preservative commonly used in beef jerky. He and his colleagues tested taste, texture, antioxidant potential and antimicrobial properties of jerky made with ground beef. Raisin jerky was compared to typical commercial-type jerky made with sodium nitrite and jerky made without any preservatives. Jerky made with 10 percent raisins came out tops in all evaluations.