September 2003

September 30th

Rapid identification of a virulent new pathogen has made it possible to contain the disease sudden oak death and limit new cases in Oregon. OSU researchers support a massive, multi-agency eradication program by providing diagnostic and survey methods including molecular probes for the pathogen.

September 24th

Oregon State University scientists working on development of alternative crops to bolster the state's agricultural economy recently released a new variety of meadowfoam, an oilseed crop that yields high grade oils sought by the cosmetics and precision machinery industries.

September 23rd

Lyla Houglum, the dean and director of the Oregon State University Extension Service, has received a national professional organization's most prestigious award.

September 19th

Packing a brown bag lunch isn't rocket science, but a little extra attention to detail can go a long way toward ensuring that your mid-day meal is nutritious and safe.

September 12th

To a lot of Oregonians, 4-H may bring to mind images of farm kids, county fairs and blue ribbon goats, rabbits and pigs. In other words, 4-H seems mostly a rural affair.

September 5th

Oregon farmers frequently gain valuable knowledge from technology imported from many other countries, according to Richard Smiley, OSU professor at the Columbia Basin Agricultural Research Center in Pendleton.

September 2nd

The plant disease detectives at Oregon State University will soon be sleuthing for homeland security. OSU's Plant Clinic has been designated as part of a new nationwide network to safeguard America's food supply.