October 2003

October 14th

Ranchers, farmers, community leaders, teachers and research scientists are all among the 41 men and women to be honored as Diamond Pioneers Tuesday, Oct. 14, by the Oregon State University College of Agricultural Sciences.

October 3rd

The Oregon State University Extension Service has recognized several "outstanding cooperators" at a special presentation ceremony sponsored by the OSU Extension Association.
: Small fruits are big business and support many small farms in the Northwest. In 2002, the farmgate value of berries and wine grapes was $109 million in Oregon. Processed, small fruits were worth about $350 million in 2002. Overall these products had an estimated gross economic impact of $900 million. The Pacific Northwest congressional delegation, with the special support of U.S. Rep. Darlene Hooley, recently announced funding of $397,000 for the Northwest Center for Small Fruits Research (NCSFR) in Corvallis, for fiscal 2004.