November 2003

November 20th

Faced with a changing forest products economy, Oregon's family forestland owners have struggled to get full market value for their harvested timber, particularly big saw logs that are 30 to 72 inches in diameter.

November 18th

Many working people in Oregon are going hungry. According to a new study released today by Oregon State University researchers, Oregon families experience more hunger than in other states – even when the head of household works full-time all year, or even if the family has two incomes

November 10th

With horses on 1 to 10 acres, rain and mud can mean an unhealthy mess for your horses and your pasture. Muddy pastures pollute streams, groundwater and household wells. With careful management, it is possible to keep a good grass cover, through the winter, keep your weeds down and keep water clean and your horses healthy. Hints for good pasture management provided. “Managing Small-acreage Horse Farms,” (EC 1558), a new publication from the OSU Extension Service is available on the WWW and by mail. It spells out how to keep your small acreage horse pastures healthy, and at the same time protecting horse health and water quality. Ordering information.