March 2004

March 23rd

Suburban neighborhoods are encroaching into rural lands at the same time that herbicide-tolerant crops are becoming more common in agricultural fields. That means there is increasing chance that problems can occur if herbicides drift off course.
Wine grape production—including such topics as vine microclimate, nutrient and water management, and vine disease prevention—is the focus of a series of workshops starting March 30, offered by the Oregon State University Extension Service Viticulture Program.

March 11th

The Oregon Fryer Commission's seventh annual Youth Pen of Fryers Contest will be held on Saturday, June 19, at the Polk County Fairgrounds in Rickreall, and registration must be completed by April 8.

March 9th

The new chairperson and head of the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology at Oregon State University is OSU professor Dan Arp. His major research interests include genomics of environmentally relevant microorganisms and the biochemistry, physiology and molecular biology of ammonia oxidation (nitrification) and butane utilization by bacteria.
The 2004 lambs are arriving at Oregon State University's Sheep Barn and the public is invited to view this annual spring ritual.