September 2004

September 24th

A delegation of Korean seafood buyers came to the Food Innovation Center last week to taste products made by OSU chef Wayne Philen, using Oregon salmon, shrimp and crab. The Koreans liked what they tasted and have returned home to consult with their respective fast food corporations in Korea. Eventually, the Food Innovation Center predicts it will sell the rights to final formulations for Korea to Oregon food processors, who in turn will make the products in Oregon for Korea using Oregon seafood.

September 17th

The National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC), headquartered at Oregon State University, broadened its mission to provide valuable online resources dedicated to informing the public about all facets of West Nile virus, an emerging disease in Oregon, including mosquito control and human health. Informative links to state and federal disease updates, state maps of disease spread, West Nile virus biology, and pesticide prevention strategies can be found at
Locke, a crops and horticulture agent for the Klamath County office of the Oregon State University Extension Service, recently showed farmers in the former Soviet republic how to improve spud production in the Tien Shan mountains of Kyrgyzstan, as a U.S. AID volunteer.

September 16th

OSU's College of Agricultural Sciences announces its 23rd annual art competition "Art About Agriculture Tour 2005: On the Subject of Food." Submissions are requested and should be focused on the food we eat, the origins of food, the pathways food takes to markets and tables, and how food inspires our imaginations to create "the best things we've ever tasted. The competition is open to artists living in Alaska, British Columbia, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. Student artwork is not eligible. All media in the visual fine arts and traditional crafts will be considered, said Curtis. Entries must be mailed with a postmark dated no later than Friday, December 17, 2004, or can be hand delivered and received by OSU by noon, Friday, December 17, 2004.

September 1st

Four Oregon 4-H members received college scholarships for their exceptional efforts in support of county and state fairs during a 4-H awards ceremony at the Oregon State Fair.