October 2004

October 20th

October 14th

The Oregon State University Extension Service honored several Friends of Extension and outstanding Extension Cooperators during an Extension conference held recently at OSU.

October 10th

Food Fight contestants with a dream of commercializing their food product should bring their prepared food item to OSU’s Food Innovation Center, 1207 N.W. Naito Pkwy, on Thursday, November 11. Items will be judged on criteria such as taste, aroma, appearance and market potential. The winner will be awarded a chance to develop that family recipe into a commercial enterprise, with experts to help refine the recipe, identify a market, design packaging, labels and much more.

October 7th

Two animal scientists from the Oregon State University Extension Service recently returned from a September trip to the former Soviet Republic of Uzbekistan. They went with a big task — to help Uzbekistan livestock ranchers increase production. Scarcity of resources and lack of technology pervaded Uzbekistan cattle production.

October 5th

Pacific Northwest wine drinkers still prefer their wines from bottles sealed with corks, according to a recent study at Oregon State University’s Food Innovation Center in Portland. And, they are willing to pay more for red wine with a “real” cork.
A soil scientist at Oregon State University has discovered that adding additional organic matter to Oregon’s forest soils may actually increase rather than hinder the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Researcher Elizabeth Sulzman’s findings fly in the face of what scientists believe about long-term carbon storage by soils and their potential role in ameliorating global climate change.