November 2004

November 23rd

A new soft white winter wheat variety developed by Oregon State University has exceptionally soft kernel texture, high break flour yields, large diameter cookies and high sponge cake volume. The superior quality of this variety may be of economic value to millers and bakers if its identity can be preserved throughout the process of production and marketing.

November 16th

The Food Innovation Center, a partnership program of Oregon State University and the Oregon Department of Agriculture, will host a series of webcast conferences designed to help the northwest food industry understand the new law and adjust their products and labels to help consumers.

November 12th

A Portland entrepreneur with a passion for good food, local produce and ice cream was selected as the winner of the American Food Fight contest held Thursday (Nov. 11) at the Food Innovation Center in Portland.
The Oregon 4-H Conference and Education Center has completed a greatly needed facilities upgrade, thanks to a successful $1 million 4-H fundraising effort.

November 9th

With winter nipping at our heels, the Washington County office of the Oregon State University Extension Service is holding a series of upcoming events aimed at helping seniors address imminent concerns, including promoting winter safety and combating indoor mold. For a full list of upcoming programs, you can check out their website at for a host of related web links.
From solving neighborhood squabbles to the well-planned citing of cell phone towers, Washington County citizens have had unique opportunities to participate in rural and urban issues. Since 1975, the Citizen Participation Program (CPO) run by the Washington County office of the Oregon State University Extension Service has inspired and empowered its public to try and make things better. If a person decides there is a problem and needs others to understand their opinion, the CPO program can help put people in contact with decision-makers in a less than formal setting to find a solution.

November 8th

A short course titled "Northwest Food Business 101," will be held November 18, 2004 from 1 to 5 p.m. at Oregon State University’s Food Innovation Center in Portland, with video link to Olympia, Washington.

November 5th

Oregon State University is setting the stage to provide Oregon’s rapidly growing wine industry with a one-stop shop for the latest research and information in a new organization called Vine and Wine Intelligence Network (VVIN). About 50 OSU researchers and staff are taking part in this information network, that will serve the 250 existing Oregon wineries. With experts in everything from growing grapes to marketing and consumer research, OSU faculty and staff are ready and willing to help Oregon’s wine industry as part of the new Vine and Wine Intelligence Network (VVIN).

November 2nd

Oregon State University Extension Service forester Chal Landgren and his colleagues, coordinate a labor-intensive program aimed at developing better Christmas trees for farmers who grow them for a living. The effort has been a cooperative endeavor for many decades, between the OSU Extension Service, grower volunteers and the Pacific Northwest Christmas Tree Association.