March 2005

March 29th

Property owners in rural or remote forested areas of eastern and western Oregon should be reducing vegetation on their property to lower fire risk later in the season, advises Stephen Fitzgerald, forestry specialist with the Oregon State University Extension Service. Suggested list of tasks that property owners can do to prevent wildfires from destroying their home. Websites for more information.

March 11th

OSU is offering an exclusive or semi-exclusive license to establish identity-preserved production and marketing of the new wheat variety. The exclusive licensing process will help this superior wheat to be segregated from other varieties, identified in the marketplace and potentially sold at a premium price.

March 10th

OSU Extension horticulturist Robin Rosetta is working with Portland Parks and Recreation Department to find a way to control rose midges in a way that is consistent with Portland's nationally-recognized program of integrated pest management in city parks.

March 7th

A new OSU study, headed by OSU Extension economist Bruce Weber, found higher rates of food insecurity among many groups in Oregon, including households with two incomes (10.7 percent in Oregon as compared to 5.2 percent nationally) and households with at least one adult working full-time year round (14.0 percent in Oregon as compared to 7.6 percent nationally). Households with children and renter households had even higher rates of food insecurity.