September 2005

September 19th

Each set of illustrated field cards contains photographs, drawings, maps and clearly written descriptions. Each laminated card helps students get to know the life of the local forests. Accompanying the 50-card set is an educator’s guide designed for fourth through sixth grade students and all activities are benchmarked to the Oregon Educational Standards.

September 7th

Economists Andrew Plantinga from OSU’s Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Stephanie Bernell from OSU’s Department of Public Health found that the relationship between obesity and urban sprawl may be due to personal preferences when choosing a home location rather than to direct impacts of the suburban environment on physical activity and weight.

September 1st

The Oregon State University Extension Service has published a new book, “Ecology and Management of Eastern Oregon Forests: A Comprehensive Manual for Forest Managers.” Manual 12. With nine chapters, the book explains forest ecology, silviculture, and management of ponderosa pine, lodgepole pine, and mixed conifer forests. Other chapters cover insects and disease, reforestation methods, managing for range values and managing for wildlife.