October 2005

October 12th

October 5th

OSU researchers in the Department of Bioengineering are spearheading efforts to develop sustained production of hydrogen fuel by harnessing photosynthetic microbes called cyanobacteria, which will use solar energy to split water molecules and make hydrogen. Over the next three years, Roger Ely and Frank Chaplen are receiving $900,000 from a U.S. Department of Energy grant to bolster their efforts. These bacteria, formerly known as blue-green algae, naturally generate energy from sunlight and, under certain conditions, can make hydrogen rather than sugars. They say that cyanobacteria may be a perfect living source for a safe, efficient, and economical production of hydrogen for fuel.

October 3rd

The Food Innovation Center is a partnership between Oregon State University and the Oregon Department of Agriculture and the nation’s only urban agricultural experiment station. The First Thursdays tours, which are free and open to the public, will introduce the center’s commitment to advancing Northwest foods.