January 2006

January 13th

Sam Angima, the new chair of the Lincoln County office of the Oregon State University Extension Service, brings experience from the American Midwest and Kenya to the central Oregon coast.

January 12th

Some 40 fourth- and fifth-graders from Clackamas County are donning their coats and boots, and going out in the field to study aquatic life. There they learn about the creatures they see from a bilingual teacher as part of a bilingual water education program, run by the Clackamas County office of the Oregon State University Extension Service.

January 10th

The course will explore the world of food production and the regulatory process. The course is comprised of six sessions, one every other week. They start on Saturday, Feb. 4 from 1:00 to 4:30 P.M.

January 6th

Researchers from Oregon State University and Texas A&M found that students whose role models included clergy, Boy Scout leaders, friends and college advisors exhibited less willingness to adopt questionably ethical behavior in negotiation situations. Those whose role models were journalists and coaches tended to be more accepting of questionable ethical behavior.

January 4th

Even a brief encounter in the home of an elderly person can help identify potential dangers that range from slippery throw rugs to complications from medication. Johnson worked with experts to develop observation tools for volunteers during their brief visits with food recipients. In recognition of this project and her other work on issues of aging, Johnson recently received a Public Health Genius Award.