April 2006

April 9th

Oregon State University Assistant Professor Candace Croney suggests families consider ten things before introducing a new Easter pet into their homes. Topping the list: Make a plan before introducing a new pet into the home, discuss the pet’s needs and expenses and decide who will be responsible for them, and consult a veterinarian or trained pet professional about caring for the new pet.

April 6th

Oregon State University's Agricultural Experiment Station has been awarded a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) grant to explore methods to produce higher yielding, higher quality and more disease-resistant barley. OSU's barley breeding program, led by OSU professor Pat Hayes, in the Department of Crop and Soil Science, will receive $554,556 of the total $5 million being awarded by the USDA for the project. Research will focus on relating genetic information to important economic and agronomic traits in existing barley breeding lines.
After five years of trials using drip irrigation to grow carrot seed, yields and quality were high and disease incidence was low, when compared with carrot seed crops irrigated by traditional overhead sprinkler systems. Plus, with drip irrigation growers can use only half as much water as traditional sprinkler irrigation on carrot seed. In addition, carrots can be planted in areas where sprinkler irrigation cannot be used—in steeper country. Drip irrigation is a relatively new method to central Oregon. Marvin Butler, crop scientist and superintendent of OSU's Central Oregon Agricultural Research Center (COARC) in Madras led the research.

April 4th

White sturgeon in portions of the Columbia River have been found to have high amounts of toxic contaminants, including DDT and PCBs in their livers, sex organs and muscle tissue. OSU researchers believe the chemicals may play a role in the fish’s declining reproduction rate leading to a drop in population.
The Food Innovation Center in partnership with the Northwest Cooperative Development Center has created NW Cooperatives 101, a workshop to help people in communities throughout Oregon learn about forming and operating cooperative businesses. The workshop is being held in six communities throughout Oregon: Redmond, The Dalles, Coos Bay/North Bend, Medford, LaGrande and Pendleton.

April 3rd

Oregon farmers and ranchers enjoyed a record-breaking year in 2005, generating over $4 billion in product sales; the highest annual agricultural earnings estimate for Oregon ever recorded.