September 2006

September 24th

Oregon State University will present a program to help participants implement the latest regional research in integrated pest management and nutrient management systems that protect water quality and crop yields in a two-day workshop, "Integrated Pest and Nutrient Management Options: Practices to Protect Water Quality and Enhance Crop Yields."

September 19th

Reproductive management and related nutrition issues are the focus of a pork production workshop scheduled September 23 at the Wilco Central Office, 200 Industrial Way, in Mt. Angel.

September 7th

OSU’s College of Agricultural Sciences announces its 25th annual art competition “Art About Agriculture Tour 2007, By Land and By Sea.” Theme, judges and further information, and links and address for prospectus provided.

September 4th

As Oregonians search for home-grown sources of energy, canola offers potential as a high-producing oilseed for biofuel and as a crop well-suited to growing in Oregon. However, without safeguards in place, canola may also pose potential risk to established and relatively high-value specialty seed and vegetable production industries in some parts of Oregon.