December 2006

December 19th

Oregon State University microbiologist Katharine G. Field has developed a molecular test to determine the source of fecal contamination in water. This type of detection, called “fecal source tracking” (FST), is both faster and far more specific than traditional standard fecal coliform tests. Results of a Tillamook Bay-based study using the new methodology were published in the August 2006 issue of <I>Applied and Environmental Microbiology</I>.

December 14th

Agricultural Honors scholarships totaling $82,555 have been awarded to Oregon State University students in the College of Agricultural Sciences.

December 13th

Researchers in Oregon State University’s Department of Food Science and Technology are using an emerging high-pressure technology to process milk at lower temperatures while still maintaining the safety of heat- pasteurized milk. The result is safe milk that tastes fresher and has a longer shelf life than conventionally processed milk.

December 5th

Beginning Dec. 8, 2006 moviegoers can help support Oregon State University Extension 4-H by buying tickets to see the new live action version of Charlotte’s Web opening in theatres this month. For every ticket purchased through the website to see Paramount Pictures and Walden Media’s production of the film, Hollywood Movie Money will donate $1 to help support 4-H Youth Development in Oregon.