January 2007

January 29th

A new economic analysis of biofuels by Oregon State University sets a cautionary tone for the large-scale production of biofuels in Oregon. By subtracting the energy spent to produce raw materials and to process and transport the biofuel, the researchers found that the cost of the net gain in energy for these biofuels may be more than seven times higher in some cases when compared to gasoline.

January 25th

Farmers in the McKenzie River and Middle Fork Willamette watersheds brought in more than 17 thousand pounds of agricultural chemicals, according to the OSU Extension Service, Lane County. Obsolete pesticides such as DDT, aldrin and chlordane, sacks of caked fertilizer, waste oil, solvents with no label—some of the old pesticides, especially those such as DDT—were taken off the market decades ago. Another collection event is scheduled in early February.
The Oregon State University Extension Service’s Small Farms Project has just published its first issue of a new online quarterly magazine called “Small Farm News.” It is an online quarterly for commercial farmers, small acreage owners, those with small farms and those who are thinking about farming in Oregon. There is no charge. Topics focus on organic and biological farming, conventional farming, marketing methods and resources, land stewardship, and more.

January 19th

Nationally-recognized animal behaviorist Kathy Sdao will present a day-long program for dog owners to understand and manage dog aggression. Participants will gain a better understanding of dog aggression and valuable tools for managing and changing the behavior.
A series of evening lectures at Oregon State University will explore the future of scientific research in the fields of animal sciences and crop and soil sciences.

January 17th

The Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation launches its third annual statewide essay contest , inviting high school participates to write about the importance of agriculture in our daily lives.