February 2007

February 23rd

This spring a team of U.S. experts led by an Oregon State University professor has been selected by the American Distance Education Consortium (ADEC) to represent the 60-member university consortium on a U.S. Department of Agriculture Science and Education exchange program to China.

February 16th

“There is no question that the greatest challenge for agriculture in the near future will be the availability of adequate supplies of water of sufficient quality to support agricultural production,” said Stella M. Coakley, an associate dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences at Oregon State University and one of the panel organizers. Panel members described how increased demands for water are outbidding and reducing the water available for agriculture.

February 9th

Benton County Master Gardener™ Association and Oregon State University Extension Service-Benton County will host a February 24 seminar offering hands-on classes for novice and experienced home gardeners.

February 8th

As the federal government approaches a decision regarding removing the American Bald Eagle from the Endangered Species List, OSU researchers continue to see increases in the bird’s population.
A new study published this week by Oregon State University Extension Service examines the uneven way that Measure 37 claims have been evaluated across the state. The study compares two approaches to calculating reduction in value: the “single exemption” approach used by most local governments throughout the state which relies on standard appraisal methods; and the “before-and-after” approach used by the Portland Metro Council.

February 1st

Oregon is currently a nationwide leader in organic milk production, and more farmers are converting to organic production all the time. OSU researchers have developed numerous management guides to help farmers manage their dairies for increased feed production and more productive grazing, resulting in increased milk production.