July 2007

July 26th

Support comes from the OSU Student Sustainability Initiative to create the new sustainability center to serve students and bridge the gap between the university and the community.

July 25th

More tastings and increased exposure to quality wine are needed if consumers are to be convinced that wine closed with metal screwcaps is equal in quality and worth the same price as wine closed with traditional natural cork.

July 23rd

Would a shift to biofuels achieve energy independence and a reduction of greenhouse gas? To answer this, OSU economists compared the cost effectiveness of corn ethanol, canola biodiesel, and wood-based (cellulosic) ethanol. They found that especially in terms of energy independence, these biofuels represent a costly and inefficient method compared to other approaches such as a gasoline tax or higher fuel efficiency standards.

July 22nd

Nationally, more than 2,000 farmers' markets have opened since the mid 1990s. Oregon is a hotbed for this growth with 80 plus markets scattered around the state. However, the increasing popularity of the markets is in direct contrast with their surprisingly high failure rate.