September 2008

September 15th

The Agricultural Research Foundation of Oregon has announced grants totaling $373,760 for projects in agriculture, pharmacy, and veterinary medicine at Oregon State University. The 33 funded research projects funded this year represent a wide range of studies, from fighting disease in food crops to restoring sustainable environments.
A researcher at Oregon State University has used a new method of combining multiple sources of data to identify counties in Oregon with high numbers of methamphetamine-related problems per capita. The analysis found that on a per-capita basis, these problems were most common in Umatilla County when compared with other counties and the entire state. The study, authored by associate professor Daniel Sudakin, gathered countywide data on 2,570 meth-related incidents documented by the Oregon Poison Control Center, the Oregon Narcotics Enforcement Association, the Oregon State Police’s Medical Examiner Division, and the Oregon Public Health Division’s Hazardous Substances Emergency Events Surveillance System. After Umatilla, the study identified Multnomah, Marion, Linn and Lincoln counties as having significant meth-related problems per capita, but it did not rank these four counties.

September 12th

OSU wildlife ecologist Craig DeMars found in his research this spring that isolated, "legacy" white oak trees, hundreds of years old, have the potential to contribute to conservation of a wide range of bird species in the valley.