September 2009

September 24th

Larry Lev, an agricultural economist at Oregon State University, appears in a new documentary that examines and promotes the local food movement. In the film "Ingredients," Lev discusses the benefits and costs of buying food from local producers. Lev specializes in agricultural marketing and alternative food systems and helps develop and strengthen farmers markets. The film screens in Portland Sept. 25-27.

September 22nd

Students now have the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in therapeutic horticulture from Oregon State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences horticulture department.

September 8th

Oregon State University food scientist Mark Daeschel examines newly developed acidified foods that are heat-processed in Oregon to make sure they're safe to eat. He evaluated about 150 such products last year. He is the expert that the Oregon Department of Agriculture and the Oregon-based office of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration refer people to when they inquire about processing acidified foods. He also teaches two- and four-day workshops for individuals who process acidified and low-acid foods.
Anita Azarenko, the head of Oregon State University's horticulture department, will receive an award from the Oregon Organic Coalition for supporting the state's organic industry. During her 23-year tenure at OSU, she has overseen the addition of courses in permaculture and organic gardening and farming to the undergraduate horticulture program. She supported the development of an organic gardening course taught by the Extension Service and Oregon Tilth in Portland. She encouraged Extension to hire several small-farm agents who are passionate about organic farming. She successfully worked to get land certified as organic at OSU's Lewis-Brown Horticulture Research Farm. She also secured federal funding for research on organic crops and the ecological management of soil.