March 2010

March 22nd

Oregon State University will host its 34th annual gerontology conference April 8-9 in which more than 40 leading geriatric experts will present educational workshops for health and human service professionals and the public. The conference will include sessions on rheumatoid arthritis, insomnia, pain management, art therapy, alternative medicine, nutrition and exercise tips, vitamin D deficiency, brain health, Parkinson's disease, depression, grief, and HIV/AIDS in women over 50.

March 18th

Latest research findings on key environmental health issues in the home will be the topic of free workshops offered throughout the state in April and May. The half-day workshops will address environmental health concerns such as indoor air quality, biological and chemical hazards in the home and diet, as well as pesticides and alternatives to pest control.

March 12th

Last fall, OSU researchers identified the spotted wing drosophila, a pest never before documented in Oregon. Immediately, a multi-state, multi-agency research team launched an intensive investigation to learn the fly’s overwintering habits, its reproduction rates and its preferred fruits, and they have tested a variety of baits, traps, and controls. Now, as the first flies show up in the researchers’ traps, the team has launched a multi-state management plan, and is presenting this information in workshops throughout Oregon, California and Washington.
Michael Murphy, one of Ireland's most progressive and profitable dairy farmers, is one of many speakers attending the Oregon Forage and Grassland Council 2010 annual meeting April 7 and 8 at the Benton County Fairgrounds in Corvallis.
Oregon State University is taking applications for 54 Oregon middle school students to attend the ExxonMobil Bernard Harris Summer Science Camp this summer at OSU.
Jim Peterson, Oregon's wheat breeder and the leader of Oregon State University's wheat variety development program, has accepted a position as the vice president of research with Limagrain Cereal Seeds. He will help Limagrain build a North American wheat breeding and seed program, which will be headquartered in Fort Collins, Colo. Peterson joined OSU in 1998 and has overseen the development of nine wheat varieties. As chair of the National Wheat Improvement Committee since 2005, Peterson has led efforts to increase federal funding for wheat research. Discussions on strategies for identifying new leadership for OSU's wheat variety development program are underway.