June 2010

June 16th

A destructive insect named azalea bark scale have been found this spring on azaleas, rhododendrons and pieris japonica in Corvallis and Eugene.
A professor at the University of Florida has been selected to lead the Oregon Wine Research Institute at Oregon State University. As the institute’s first director, Neil F. Shay’s job will be to build partnerships between OSU and Oregon’s wine industry that result in top-quality wines.

June 11th

A limited number of places are open for the Oregon State University Master Gardener online course (Option One) that runs 12 weeks—Aug. 30 to Dec. 5. Registration for Option Two will open in October 2010 for the course that begins in January 2011.

June 4th

Only one kind of tick in Oregon and most of the western United States carries Lyme disease, but distinguishing it from the other three species that prey on humans can be difficult. The OSU Insect Identification Service can help identify what kind of tick has been removed from humans or pets but cannot identify if it carries the Lyme disease bacterium.

June 1st

Oregon State University has created seven short videos to teach gardeners how to detect and manage a fruit-damaging fly that might be in their yards. In the videos, OSU Extension Service entomologist Amy Dreves demonstrates how to look for the spotted wing drosophila fly. The videos are divided into seven topics that explain how to: identify the fly, cover plants with netting, clean up fallen fruit, set multiple traps, and make, place and check traps.