February 2011

February 25th

February 18th

Oregon State University has been named a partner on a $20 million grant that aims to ensure the long-term viability of cereal-based farming in the inland Pacific Northwest amid a changing climate. OSU will receive $4 million of the total award, which comes from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The other participants are the University of Idaho, Washington State University and the USDA's Agricultural Research Service. The five-year grant will take a holistic approach to studying the relationship between climate change and cereal crops, primarily winter wheat. Researchers will study how climate change might affect cereal crops and, conversely, how practices for growing those crops might contribute to or help curb climate change. They'll identify farming methods that help cereal crops withstand climate change and they'll determine which factors influence farmers' decisions about how to manage their crops.

February 11th

New work by OSU College of Agricultural Sciences professor, Ramesh Sagili, has found that the application of brood pheromone to honey bee colonies affects the division of labor within adult bees leading to increased hive health and resiliency to disease.

February 2nd

Oregon's farmers and ranchers grossed $4.3 billion in sales last year, a 3.8 percent rebound from a dismal 2009, according to estimates in an Oregon State University report. The report contains preliminary estimates for gross farmgate sales for 2010 and revised numbers for 2009 and 2008.