March 2011

March 30th

March 24th

Eighteen high school students from across Oregon have been awarded state 4-H scholarship awards through the Oregon State University Extension Service 4-H Youth Development Program. More than 50 Oregon 4-H members competed for the scholarships, which range from $500 to $4,500.

March 17th

March 16th

Urgency to improve the American diet became even more obvious this month as new federal dietary guidelines were released by the United States Department of Agriculture and Department of Health and Human Resources. The challenges of obesity, and especially for children, are major themes in the report. The guidelines give advice on healthy food choices and physical exercise to help prevent disease for Americans ages two and over.

March 15th

Oregon middle school students entering grades 6, 7, and 8 in the fall may apply to attend the ExxonMobil Bernard Harris Summer Science Camp this summer at Oregon State University. All campers will be fully funded by scholarship. Applications are due April 1.

March 14th

The two new tubers reflect the wide range of interest in potatoes. The light-brown 'Sage Russet' can meet the needs of the largest market for potatoes: processing French fries, while the red fingerling called AmaRosa keeps its rosy color during cooking and appeals to the upscale potato specialty market.
Starting this year, a team of researchers from Oregon State University, the University of Florida and the University of Arkansas will test a new remote sensing system in three Oregon nurseries using an unmanned multi-rotor aircraft.
Ryan Contreras and his lab at Oregon State University have begun a breeding program to save the cherrylaurel plant from a potential ban due to invasiveness. A recent $20,500 research grant could lead to a sterile cherrylaurel variety for sale in Oregon nurseries.