Agricultural Research Foundation funds 29 OSU projects

July 23, 2004

CORVALLIS - The Agricultural Research Foundation, a private, non-profit corporation and affiliate of Oregon State University, has announced grants for 29 OSU projects ranging from a study of humane trapping methods in predator control on rangelands to investigating pests and diseases on Oregon fruit and vegetable crops.

Other studies funded include research on the effects of water diversions on arid land streams, antioxidant chemistry of hops, and using barley straw for aquatic algae control.

The grants, totaling $249,990, were awarded through the foundation's annual Venture Capital Program, which supports and encourages new ideas, said Dorothy Beaton, the foundation's executive director.

One of the program's goals is to provide seed funding that will help OSU scientists launch research projects and attract additional funding from other sources, Beaton noted.

The 29 grants range from $4,700 to $10,000. Examples of projects funded:

* "The Effects of Surface Water Diversions on Arid Streams," Judy Li, OSU Department of Fisheries and Wildlife;

* "A Proteomic Approach to Evaluate the Antioxidants and Health Promoting Effects of Proanthrocyanidins from Hops in Neurodegenerative Diseases," Claudia Maier, OSU Department of Chemistry;

* "Humane Trapping and Predator Control," Peter Schreder, OSU Department of Rangeland Resources;

* "Barley Straw for Aquatic Algae Control," Pat Hayes, OSU Department of Crop and Soil Science.

For more information on the foundation's Venture Capital program, contact Beaton at 541-737-3228 or visit the web at: The Agricultural Research Foundation's board of directors is made up of representatives of numerous segments of Oregon's agriculture industry.

Author: Carol Savonen
Source: Dorothy Beaton