OSU extension publishes new book on Oregon's eastside forests

September 2, 2005
OSU extension publishes new book on Oregon's eastside forests

CORVALLIS, Ore. – The Oregon State University Extension Service has published a new book, "Ecology and Management of Eastern Oregon Forests: A Comprehensive Manual for Forest Managers."

The forests of eastern Oregon are diverse, as well as complex, and the objectives of forest managers and owners are many. In modern times, these forests are in need of management, explained Stephen Fitzgerald, OSU Extension specialist and co-author of this 208-page illustrated book.

"Lack of timely management action, early harvesting practices and fire suppression policies over thousands of acres and many decades has significantly reduced the value of many eastern Oregon forests, and increased their risk to fire, insects and disease," said Fitzgerald.

Eastern Oregon has many types of forests, ranging from ponderosa pine to lodgepole pine to mixtures of pines and firs. Each provides multiple values to Oregon including clean water, recreation, wildlife habitat and a source for lumber.

Active management can restore forest potentials and many of these values, according to Fitzgerald and OSU Extension forester Paul Oester, two of the authors of the new book.

Other authors include William Emmingham, an emeritus OSU Extension silviculturist; Greg Filip, former OSU Extension forest pathologist; and W. Daniel Edge, OSU Extension fisheries and wildlife specialist.

"The book is really a 'how to' manual that is well illustrated with color figures, tables and photos," said Fitzgerald. "Plus it contains thinning guidelines that help landowners decide how much to thin their particular forest."

In nine chapters, the book explains forest ecology, silviculture, and management of ponderosa pine, lodgepole pine, and mixed conifer forests. Other chapters cover insects and disease, reforestation methods, managing for range values and managing for wildlife.

"If you are interested in solving this puzzle of complexity and successfully managing your east-side forestland, this manual is for you," he said.

To preview a portion of the book or download an order form off the web, go to http://eesc.orst.edu/agcomwebfile/edmat/Manual12.pdf. The book costs $25 plus $6 shipping and handling. To order, call 1-800-561-6719.

Author: Carol Savonen