Trade show offers the public a taste of what’s new in food innovations

June 21, 2016
Food Innovation Center trade show
Attendees can sample tasty treats at the Food Innovation Center trade show. Photo by Stephen Ward

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Local food entrepreneurs will be debuting new products at the Time To Market trade show at Oregon State University’s Food Innovation Center in Portland. 

The public is invited to meet entrepreneurs and sample new foods at this free, open-air, market-style trade show on Thursday, June 23, from 4 to 7:30 p.m.

Time to Market will feature more than 50 vendors, including graduates of Portland Community College’s program, “Getting Your Recipe to Market,” as well as clients of the Food Innovation Center, OSU’s food-focused research center located in Portland’s Pearl District.

The trade show gives entrepreneurs the chance to meet buyers from the region’s top markets and grocery stores and to test their new creations with Portland’s discriminating food-loving public.

The event will showcase a wide range of new food products, including vegan seafoods, spicy sauces, desserts, snacks and health foods. Some are from successful new start-up companies that sought help from the Food Innovation Center. Others are the culmination of the 12-week PCC program, conducted in partnership with the Food Innovation Center and New Seasons Market.

Some of the vendors who’ll be there:

Sasquatch Sauces will showcase family-recipe barbeque and cocktail sauces, ketchup and dry rubs. “We don't view ourselves as a condiment company but rather facilitators of good times,” said founder Tim Schroeder.

Jasmine Pearl, a Portland-based tea bar and “tea sanctuary,” hand-crafts specialty loose-leaf tea blends. Their reverence to the art of tea and the cultures each tea represents infuses them with a little something extra.

Oregon Healthy Harvest was born from a desire to be and feel healthier. Founder Kuldip Vaid is dedicated to offering consumers the tastiest healthy food products at affordable prices. A portion of his net profit goes to local children in need.

Stirs the Soul raw chocolate is stone-ground, unroasted criollo and trinitario cacao combined with other fine ingredients to create a shiny, snappy, melt–in–your mouth raw chocolate that preserves the health benefits of cacao.

Tan Tan Café and Delicatessen, a family-owned Vietnamese restaurant in Beaverton and Vancouver, will introduce a trio of house sauces.

Tofuna Fysh features vegan “tuna” salad and “fish” sauce, made from jackfruit and organic seaweed. “Unlike fish that’s acquired in environmentally harmful ways, Tofuna Fysh is committed to sustainability,” said founder Zack Grossman.

For more information about the Time to Market trade show, contact Sarah Masoni at the Oregon State University Food Innovation Center, 503-872-6655.

The center is Oregon’s only big-city agricultural experiment station—one of a dozen Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station research centers across the state. It offers technical solutions and consultation in product development and marketing, sensory testing and processing and packaging technologies.

Author: Peg Herring
Source: Sarah Masoni