Extension ConnEXTion Newsletter Survey Results

Thank you to all who responded to the Extension ConnEXTion newsletter survey. The insight provided will help determine the direction we take with the newsletter to better meet the needs of our community. The results of the survey are below.

How often do you read ConnEXTion?

  • I was not aware of the newsletter 7%
  • I never read the newsletter 9%
  • Checked it out once 6%
  • On occasion 28%
  • Regularly 31%
  • I read every issue 20%

Which sections of the newsletter do you find valuable? Please check all that apply. (All sections may not be published in every issue.)

  • O&E News 38%
  • Leadership article 45%
  • Extension News 77%
  • County News 58%
  • Staff Achievements 56%
  • Professional Development 58%
  • Staff News 62%
  • Tech Tips 48%
  • Extension Events Calendar 54%
  • Personnel Updates (right rail link) 44%
  • Extension Blogs (right rail link) 11%
  • Past Issues (right rail link) 8%

Currently, ConnEXTion is sent out bi-monthly (every other month). How often would you like to receive it?

  • Monthly 44%
  • Bi-monthly 35%
  • Quarterly 21%

How do you currently view the newsletter?

When asked what was missing, respondents spoke out that they wanted to hear more from Extension leadership. They would like for Deb Maddy, Dave King, and Scott Reed to keep them abreast of important happenings/events in their respected domains. Also, survey respondents reported that they would like to build more connections with county Extension offices. Stories about what is occurring in each county or a faculty/staff highlight might help to connect the office across the state. It was noted that since it’s rare that Extension employees are able to connect with each other face-to-face, that having more stories about what is happening in each county will allow the community to better connect between face to face visits.

We also wanted to know what the readers thought about the design and format of ConnEXTion. Many of the survey respondents would prefer to see the newsletter listing a title of the articles with a link to the article as well as a short, focused paragraph under the title to give more information about the article. Respondents are busy and may not have the time to weed through the articles themselves to find topics relevant to them. Many suggested that we use the same format as "OSU Today" as it is easy to quickly scan the articles to find information that pertains to the individual.

Overall, survey respondents were mostly satisfied or neutral about the ease of navigation, pertinent information, topics of interest, and timeliness of information. Although very few were dissatisfied with these aspects of the newsletter, it does show room for improvement.

The input on the survey was valuable and will be used in determining how we present Extension news in the future. Please keep us up to date with any concerns or suggestions for improvement.