Tag, You’re It: Setting Your Ask an Expert Profile to Match Your Expertise

We regularly receive feedback from experts complaining that they are getting questions that are outside their area of expertise, or, who aren’t getting any questions assigned to them. Are you one of those? If so, chances are you haven’t set your tags in your Ask an Expert profile to match your areas of interest and expertise.

Our Question Monitors (one for each program area) try their best to send questions to the appropriate expert, but they can’t know everyone’s expertise. They rely on tags to help them find you. Every question that comes in is assigned descriptive tags by our monitors. For example, our Question Monitor tagged this beachgrass removal question below with "horticulture" and "weed issues". 

When the Question Monitor seeks to match the question to an expert, the system will compare these two tags (along with location) to those you’ve entered in your preferences. If there is a match, then chances are better that you will get that question. And it reduces your chance of getting questions outside your areas of expertise. If everyone does this, the system will become more accurate and “smarter.” So help us — and you — by taking 3 minutes to set your tags.

Here’s a simple guide to setting your tags (PDF) in Ask an Expert.

Jeff Hino
Learning Technology Leader