Navigating Difference

A Three Day Course ~ Cultural Competency Training

Oregon State University October 26-28, 2010

Module One ~ Cultural Awareness

  • Define diversity broadly, diversity wheel
  • Theoretical approaches to diversity work
  • Generalizations and Stereo Types
  • Cultural Value Orientation

Skill Sets

  • Recognize our own culture(s) in Extension and Higher Education.
  • Explore personal and cultural values, biases, prejudices and views.
  • Identify similarities and differences among cultures.
  • Identify ways in which culture shapes beliefs, practices, and values.

Module Two ~ Cultural Understanding

  • Developmental stages of intercultural sensitivity
  • Skill Sets
  • Understand the developmental nature of cultural competencies.
  • Describe issues and concerns which arise when values, beliefs, and practices differ from those of the dominant culture.
  • Recognize ways culture affects participation in extension programs and services.

Module Three ~ Gathering Cultural Knowledge

  • Mapping Community Resources
  • Web-based demographic resources
  • Choosing a cultural guide

Skill Sets

  • Develop familiarity with cultures and the specific ways in which they differ from our own.
  • Use conceptual and theoretical models for understanding human culture.
  • Identify appropriate cultural guides and build productive relationships with them.

Module Four ~ Cultural Interaction

  • Stumbling blocks to intercultural communication
  • Verbal and Nonverbal Communication style differences
  • Mindful observation and interpretation
  • Cultural Conflict Style Differences

Skill Sets

  • Recognize factors impacting successful intercultural communication.
  • Use concepts and theories of intercultural communication.
  • Manage intercultural conflicts effectively.
  • Interact productively and seek input and guidance from cultural partners.
  • Form new programmatic partnerships across intercultural difference.

Module Five – Intercultural Sensitivity

  • Historical and Sociological Differences
  • Unearned privilege and oppression

Skill Sets

  • Identify historical and sociological influences on specific cultural interactions.
  • Recognize the impact of privilege, inequality and oppression in daily contexts.

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