Organizational Transformation Update

Implementation Teams

Thanks to all who volunteered to serve on the four transformation implementation teams.  We had more volunteers than openings but encourage you to stay engaged as the teams work through their charges.  Please contact any team member if you would like to provide input.

Frequently Asked Questions
The newly created Organizational Transformation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is a place for you to get answers regarding the transformation of Extension, as well as an opportunity for discussion and to ask your own questions.  Commenting is enabled to further discuss amongst peers.  You are invited to submit your questions via the email address provided on the FAQ page; Scott Reed will address these questions individually.

Additional information
The webinar is available online: view the recorded July 23, 2010 webinar
For additional information, please visit:

Information & Communication Technologies

Keith Diem, Admin (co-leader)
Chris LaBelle, Outreach Education/EESC (co-leader)
Lucas Turpin, ECTU
Dana Martin, Deschutes
Karen Zimmerman, Outreach Education/EESC
Sam Angima, Lincoln
Marilyn Lesmeister, 4-H
Rob Emanuel, Tillamook
Anita Azarenko, Horticulture

Business Model

Jim Johnson, Forestry (co-leader)
Willie Riggs, Klamath (co-leader)
Jeff Hino, Lifelong Learning
Beth Emshoff, Metro
Sandy Reichhuber EESC
Marcia Dickson, Admin
Dave White, Deschutes


Marc Braverman, FCH (co-leader)
Pamela Rose, Marion County (co-leader)
Shawn Morford, Warm Springs
Brian Tuck, Wasco County
Bill Klug (ECAN, Washington County)
Mark Anderson-Wilk, Educational Outreach/EESC
Sean Rowe, Extension Sea Grant

Area Administration

Patrick Proden, Washington (co-chair)
Phil Hamm, Hermiston (co-chair)
Tim Deboodt, Crook
Doug Hart, Admin
Amy Peters, Coos
Donita Roseboro, Marion/Yamhill
Bill Braunworth, Ag
Lynette Black, Wasco
Jim Fitzpatrick, ECAN