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Ask an Expert
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Beginning in January of 2013, submitters of questions to Ask an Expert in Oregon began to receive electronically generated evaluation questions two weeks after their question was answered.*

Here’s what they said.

78% identify their question as very important or critically important to them.
76% say our answers very much or completely answer their question.

47% find the answer “just right” in level of rigor. There is a moderate indication that our answers could be pitched a little higher (e.g., less simplistic.)

55% identify their question as having average to significant economic concern to them.

$355,000 – is the estimated average economic benefit of answers received (approximately $70 value per question.)

94% receive their answer within the time period they expected.

66% change their behavior as a result of the answer to their question.

And finally…

53% of Ask an Expert users had never used Extension before

Ask an Expert.  It’s working.

For more information on how you can get involved with Ask an Expert, contact Jeff Hino, at the EESC.

*(Overall response rate for the period from January 2013 to June 2014 was 19.4%)